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Connection culture creates a marketplace of ideas that fuels innovation: Michael Lee Stallard

The best time to establish a  connection culture  is when an organisation is born  Michael Lee Stallard  tells  Ankita Rai How do employee connection and community translate into competitive advantage for an organisation? Is focusing on the financials and operations at the cost of employee connect really such a bad idea? High performing teams that achieve sustained success have connection cultures. The neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman describes connection as a 'superpower' because it makes people more productive, healthier and happier. When people feel connected to their teammates, they have a cognitive advantage and they perform at with greater energy and enthusiasm. In addition, they give their best efforts, align their behaviour with the leader's goals so that everyone is pulling in the same direction, and are proactive when it comes to contributing to innovation and overcoming obstacles. These benefits add up to provide a powerful source of competitive adv