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Are You On Track To Reach Your Goals? A Seven-Point Mid-Year Review Checklist

June provides a lot of distractions – end of school year activities, summer vacation planning – but also provides a natural inflection point for our annual goals. If your company has an official annual review process, now would be a good time to see if you’re on track to meet the company objectives and expectations. But for your own objectives – the career, relationship, health, finance and other critical goals you set for yourself – you also want to ensure you’re on track. Here are seven questions to guide your personal mid-year review: Are you halfway to your goal target? If your goal is a sales target, then you should be approximately halfway to your quota. If you intended to lose 10 pounds, then you should have lost five. If you wanted to put aside $5,000, you should have $2,500 in your fund. If you’re not halfway to your target, is there a legitimate reason to believe you’ll catch up in the second half? It could be that your sales pipeline is bursting and most decisions ge