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This Startup is Bringing Extracurricular to the App market place

Like most of our plans for recreation and leisure in our fast-paced lives in a metro, seldom do we get the time to seek out our hobbies anymore. Remember when you could seek out what you enjoyed doing on weekends or after school hours? Butterfly app aims to change that and provide an online marketplace for extracurricular activities and hobby sciences. Whether one is looking for a gym, an institute for learning foreign language, a dance studio to learn salsa, cooking classes near your house or a certified trainer to teach you martial arts, Butterfly is an end to end solution provider for everyone who wants to pursue a hobby or an activity they are passionate about. The app factors cost, distance, schedule and doesn’t require you to make a call fill forms or wait for responses. We had a chit-chit with the Luv Gupta, CEO of Butterfly app about his story and need for shifting hobby spaces virtually. Here are some excerpts: Tell us about your beginnings? After my schooling from