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4 Ways to Cut Production Costs Instead of Your Team

When money gets tight, find solutions that don't cost jobs. For the first time in its brief-but-bountiful history, Silicon Valley is  pumping the brakes . In response to an increasingly conservative investment climate, major startups such as Evernote, Jawbone, Hootsuite and Snapchat are cutting staff. That may work for powerhouse tech startups, but what about entrepreneurs? When funds run thin, can you afford to chop the one and only staff developer or the account managers? With a limited budget and a small team, the best solution may be to limit production costs. But how? Entrepreneurs can’t be like  Apple , which leverages volume discounts to offer pixel-perfect screens and stainless steel hardware at low costs. And they don’t want to be like streaming service Grooveshark, which launched in 2006, the same year Spotify was developed. It didn’t pay for licenses from rights holders and was forced to reactively juggle legal battles while Spotify soared. The key is to be

9 Costly Items Your Company Can Live Without

If your company lacks the cash to survive the next six months, think about these cutting back on these nine expenses. "The First 90 Days" is a series about how to make 2016 a year of breakout growth for your business. Let us know how you're making the first 90 days count by joining the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Inc90Days.​ Stocks have plunged since 2016 dawned. It is unclear whether this plunge is a result of investor fear or its cause. But one thing seems certain: The uncertainty could spell trouble for companies seeking to raise capital from investors. If you run a company that was counting on raising capital that has been delayed due to these market conditions, you will need to tighten your company's belt. How should you do that? Here are nine costly items your company can live without. 1. Money-losing product lines. If you don't know which products are profitable and which are losing money, you need your finance departmen