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The 4 Personality Types of Successful Entrepreneurs

Princeton University lecturers John Danner and Chris Kuenne explain what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Every wonder if there was one type of entrepreneur who is the most successful? I have. So when two Princeton University lecturers came to the Greatness Studio to talk about their new book (about personality types of entrepreneurs), I had to ask. And they told me no, there’s not one. In fact, they’ve identified four successful entrepreneur types, and according to their research, each is equally effective -- but for different reasons. Of course I had to know more, and both John Danner and Chris Kuenne fascinated me with their explanations of these personality types. They identified which one I am right away and gave me great coaching on how I can improve my business strategy. They pointed out that it’s not enough to know your strengths in business -- you need to act on that knowledge, hire people who compliment you in those areas and build your team wisely. We talked

Successful Business Transitions Start With Early Planning

Planning for a future business transition and assembling a team of seasoned professionals will help ensure a smooth, successful transfer. If you anticipate transferring your business privately to family members or employees, or if you are considering a sale on the open market, it's best to start planning for the transition sooner rather than later. Ideally, the transition should be a gradual, multi-year process, due to the complexity involved in most business transition plans. For example, if you think you may be ready to exit your business in the next five years, now is the time to start that process. While that time frame surprises some business owners, taking a long-term approach allows for a well-thought-out transition. Assembling a transition team. As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone. Because of this, some business owners make the mistake of thinking they can handle transitions on their own, without the help of professionals who speci

One of Facebook's First Employees Explains Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing

How you can take advantage when everyone else is focused on social. Noah Kagan was the 30th employee at Facebook, so he knows a little about social media. But, he might surprise you, because he doesn't say Facebook is the best way to market and connect with your audience. It isn't Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, either. It's email. Email marketing can get lost in the mix when there are so many other marketing methods, but it shouldn't. Why? Because it can help you connect directly with your audience and, more importantly, it's algorithm-proof. With email, you don't have to worry about your post showing up in recipients' feeds or whether they'll even get a chance to look at your content -- it will just be waiting for them in their inbox at any time.  Click play to learn more about email marketing and the free tools you can use to improve your company's marketing campaigns. Mark Fidelman -- entrepreneur --

Lessons On Sales And Customer Relationships: Be Quick But Don't Hurry

Legendary Coach John Wooden Would Use This Phrase To Motivate His Teams Growing up I often heard my dad say; “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” He was quoting the famous UCLA men’s basketball coach, John Wooden, who won a record 10 national championships in 12 years. I would have never guessed it at the time, but this lesson at an early age has proven foundational for all aspects of my life, especially when it comes to sales and customer relationships. These words echo in my mind today as I think about how my dad tried to impart to my brother and me the value of a strong  work ethic  and persistence. It rankled him to watch a job done poorly just because someone was lazy and inefficient. He loathed a rushed process, cut corners, or when people scraped by doing the bare minimum. Quick Communication Versus Hurried Responses Effective communication is key to customer relationships. It is what makes the difference between going quickly and hurrying. Responsiveness is good busines

Hundreds of partners ship certified phones and tablets.

Certified Android devices are tested for security and performance and preloaded with Google apps. Here is our list of partners that ship these devices. BRANDS Acer AllView Archos Asus AT&T Auchan Beeline Best Buy BLU BMobile BQ Bullitt Group CAT Cell C Clementoni Condor Coolpad CZ Electronics Digiland DL Dragontouch Docomo Doro Fairphone Fly Freetel Fujitsu Future Mobile Technology General Mobile Gigaset Gionee GTEL Hipstreet Hisense HMD Honeywell HOW (Navcity) HP HTC Huawei Infinix Infocus iTel Kazam KDDI KD Interactive Kurio Kyocera Lanix Lenovo LG Logicom LYF M4Tel Mattel Medion Micromax Mobicel Mobiwire Motorola MTN MyPhone (PH) Multilaser NEC NABI (Fuhu) Navon Neffos Nextbook NGM Nokia Nubia NUU Mobile Nvidia OnePlus Oppo Orange Panasonic Pantech Plaisio Positivo Prestigio QMobile (PK) Quantum RCA Samsung Sharp Smartfren Sony Sourcing Creation Sprint STK Symphony TCL-Alcate