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The Art of Getting More Work Done by Not Working

A Real Solution to Distractions and Productivity These days everyone has productivity tips to help you do more in your day. They teach you how to maximize your time and effectively cram in as much as possible in as little time as possible. But what happens when nothing works and you just can’t get more done? That brings us to  The Art of Getting More Work Done by Not Working . My theory suggests that doing less work and getting other things done, leaves you with fewer remaining distractions and then eventually makes it easier to get back to work with no distractions. Let’s be clear though, we are talking mostly about distractions. The whole idea is to acknowledge the distraction in front of you and remove it, by doing it. Who would have thought? There’s more to it than that though, this article explains the full technique. Eating can be an energizing distraction if done right. If you are absolutely starving, have a headache and can’t focus, why don’t you go and ea