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US Politics: No, Most Indian-Americans Do Not Support Donald Trump

“Trump goes Bollywood”  declared  one headline after the GOP presidential nominee addressed thousands of attendees at a rally organized by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) last week. Billed as a charity event for Kashmiri and Bengali victims of Islamic terror, the glitzy but oftentimes bizarre event featured song and dance performances by B-list Bollywood stars that culminated into a long and predictably rambling  speech  by Trump himself. The candidate assured the massive crowd that he “was a big fan of Hindu” and that India and the United States would be “best friends” should he be elected. He heaped praise and compared himself to India’s  hugely popular  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and reiterated the importance a Trump Administration would place on the U.S.-India relationship. The event constituted the most extensive and exhaustive minority outreach effort by his campaign to date. The rally has created an impression that Trump enjoys widespread support among the I