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Five Rude And Insulting Interview Questions -- And How To Answer Them

You are a well-brought-up person with perfect manners, or at least you aspire to be. You probably know that the rudest thing you can do is to call out, mention or acknowledge another person's bad behavior! When someone is rude to you, the best thing to do is to smile and ignore the impolite behavior. As a well-brought-up person, that's what you will do when you run into rudeness on the job search trail. Sadly, I can almost guarantee that you will run into rude interviewers asking terribly impolite and intrusive questions. Here are five of the most insulting questions an interviewer can ask  you. All five of them are very common. Interviewers are  badly trained. Somewhere along the line, somebody taught them that in the business world, it's okay to ask people questions you would never dream of asking someone you were meeting for the first time in any other setting. We would never presume to ask someone at the gym, the grocery store, a block party or a place of

Five Interview Questions To Stop Asking -- And Five To Ask Instead

If your job description includes interviewing job candidates, here are five questions to scratch off your interview script immediately: 1. What's your greatest weakness? 2. Where do you see yourself in five years? 3. What's your greatest failure so far? 4. With all the talented candidates, why should we hire you? 5. What would your last boss say about you? What do these five questions have in common? They all ask a job-seeker to dance and prance and prove to you that they deserve a chance at the job. Asking people to dance and prance is not a business skill. It has no place in the professional world. Whether you intend them to or not, these five questions all reinforce the unhealthy and bad-for-business viewpoint that the employer is mighty and a job applicant is nothing. It is none of our business what a job-seeker's greatest weakness is. It is only a cultural belief that people have weaknesses. What is a weakness, anyway? It's something t

10 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask

Many job seekers focus so hard on answering  interview questions  well that they forget something very important: You are there to  ask  questions, too. Asking the right questions at an interview is important for two reasons: First, when done correctly, the questions you ask confirm your qualifications as a candidate for the position. Second, you are interviewing the employer just as much as the employer is interviewing you. This is your opportunity to find out if this is an organization where you want to work. 3 Things You Want to Achieve When you ask the right questions, you want to achieve three things: Make sure the interviewer has no reservations about you. Demonstrate your interest in the employer. Find out if you feel the employer is the right fit for you. There are an infinite number of questions you could ask during a job interview, but if you stay focused on those three goals, the questions should come easy to you. I recommend preparing three to five