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4 surprising facts about wind energy in Texas

Texas is often thought of as the land of oil and gas, but in recent years the state has emerged as the undisputed leader in wind energy. Here are a few surprising facts about wind power in Texas. 1. Texas has the highest wind generation in the country With nearly 9,400 turbines scattered throughout the state, Texas produces nearly 36 million megawatt (MWh) hours of electricity – that's equivalent to almost as much as the state's nuclear fleet (at 39 million MWh). Today, wind energy accounts for 10% of local power generation in Texas, and the potential for wind energy in Texas is even higher. According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind could power over 18 times the state's current energy needs, and that is with current technology. 2. Wind power saves Texas 13.1 billion gallons of water every year Generating wind power uses virtually no water. In Texas, this translates into annual water consumption savings of 13.1 billion gallons, which is equivale