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What We Learned from Improving Diversity Rates at Pinterest

In today’s workplace, diversity is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way to build a  stronger  business. At Pinterest, we understand that diverse teams yield  smarter , more innovative results, which are essential in the competitive, dynamic tech industry. With over 175 million active users worldwide, Pinterest thrives on providing users with relevant ideas: what to wear, what to cook, how to furnish your home, and where to travel. Pinterest’s fastest growing users are outside of the United States, and for current and future users, it’s important that the people building our product make it relevant to people of different ethnic, social, physical, and geographic backgrounds. But businesses have long struggled to increase diversity across all levels. For nearly a decade, I worked at  Catalyst , a nonprofit focused on helping women advance in the workplace, consulting with progressive companies who began investing in diversity initiatives in the ‘90s. The tech industry joined the d