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Tech: Meet Jamboard, Google’s 4K whiteboard and competitor to Microsoft Surface Hub

G oogle has a new device on display, and its for collaborative office work – Jamboard. This cloud-connected digital whiteboard is capable of connecting with the G Suite apps for its enterprise customers. You can read all about the G Suite  here . The whiteboard has been designed by Google, which is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen display that runs Android. Google also adds a new app, and no brownie points for guessing the name of the app, whiteboarding. Recode  says  that the Jamboard will be available in grey and blue, but the company will be pushing for a ‘bold bright red’ variant. The other highlights of the whiteboard are a built-in camera, speakers and capability to recognise up to 16 simultaneous touch inputs. The whiteboard can also recognise the difference between human finger touch and stylus input. It includes stylus that doesn’t require Bluetooth pairing or batteries. Users can either mount it on a wall or even wheel it around. However, users will have to wait until next