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Here's what it's like inside Microsoft's massive new flagship store

From the moment a large white sheet blocking the public from seeing into the store was lifted Monday — right after Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner cut the ribbon on the new Fifth Ave. flagship in New York City — dozens of Microsoft employees were frantically jumping up and down in the windows. More than just a retail store conveniently located half a mile from Apple’s flagship, Microsoft’s three-floor storefront is meant to be like your rich friend’s house. The guy who let you play around with all of the new toys you never knew even existed. Its three floors are dedicated to personal computing and Dell (third floor), Xbox (second floor), and mobile devices (first floor). But it also felt like a building you wouldn’t normally associate with Pitbull concerts and multiple LCD TVs projecting alien combat: a library. “I see it as a library more than a store,” 19-year-old Rashon Byrd told me in the third floor Dell Experience section. Digital Trends Byrd,