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Business: A Small Business Taskforce for Post-Brexit Britain

The vote to leave the European Union was a shock for many of Britain’s entrepreneurs. Business owners don’t like political uncertainty, and the potential disruption of trade and travel with the continent hasn’t gone down well. However, as economic indicators attest – it’s business as usual for most entrepreneurs, not least because the key decisions around Brexit have yet to be decided. Whatever the final negotiations, we should ensure it limits the damage and discouragement of Britain’s small business owners. That’s why a group of organizations have come together to create the Small Business Taskforce. Besides us at  The Entrepreneurs Network , the Small Business Taskforce includes  Enterprise Nation  (whose founder Emma Jones  leads it) ,   ICAEW ,  IPSE ,   Bright Ideas Trust ,  Global Entrepreneurship Week ,  NACUE ,  Social Enterprise UK ,   Coadec , CFE ,  National Enterprise Network ,  RSA  &  EISA .  Together, we represent over a million small businesses and self-emplo