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5 Ways to Validate a Business Idea, Right Now

Don't let your day job or lack of capital stop you from finding and testing a business idea. Here's how.
Last year, I embarked upon a personal challenge to validate a business idea in 30 days. To make it even more difficult, it was a random idea chosen by my readers. They asked me to do it without using my existing website, traffic and business connections and without spending more than 20 hours per week on the project. On top of that, I limited myself to spending no more than $500 validating this idea. The experiment was a success.In just two weeks, I built an email list of 565 subscribers without having an actual website. Then, I reached out to a handful of those subscribers and pre-sold 12 copies of a book that didn't even exist yet, all in less than 30 days. I wrote about the experiment in real-time with in-depth weekly updates, successes, failures and lessons learned along the way, right here in my validation challenge. Today, I want to share with you the five most effect…

From 512Kbps to 24Mbps; broadband’s growth in India

We have come a long way from the days of dial-up connections that used to take ages to connect to the Internet, and it is now the age of broadband connections. In India, broadband connections have improved tremendously and are showing no signs of slowing down. While speeds of 2Mbps or 4Mbps were acceptable a couple of years back, now it is relatively easy to afford connections with speeds up to 24Mbps. It’s not just the speeds either, and broadband penetration too is showing some positive signs. A recent TRAI report revealed that there are more than 160 lakh broadband subscribers in India, with nearly 6.8 lakh users added since December last year. Let’s take look at this growth in a bit more detail, and see what is driving it.
In addition to newer technologies, one of the primary drivers of this growth is the reduction in costs. It is easier and more affordable than ever to have a broadband connection at one’s home. Airtel, for one, is currently offering a 16Mbps connection with 80GB download limit and unlimited voice calling for just Rs 1,899 per month. This sort of a plan and pricing was unimaginable a couple of years back.
The penetration of smart devices too is increasing at a frightening pace, and content consumption too is at an all-time high. In a regular household there are more than one smartphone and computer, and more time is being spent on the Internet. With online video and music streaming services, and online gaming a common thing these days, speed and higher download limits is the need of the hour.
This is seeing broadband companies scampering to fulfill the growing demand. In addition to faster speeds at lower costs, these companies are also offering freebies and other goodies to tempt consumers. Airtel’s ‘Broadband Surprise’ is a fine example of how companies are keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.
Those who subscribed to Airtel’s service after June 30 this year are entitled to a bunch of benefits like bump in speed, price discounts, and free data as well. Airtel is offering free data packs for upgrading one’s download limit, free speed upgrades, as well as up to 30 percent discounts on new connections. To know more about Airtel’s Broadband surprise, you can head over to its website and provide your DSL ID or your landline number. Some terms and conditions as well as useful FAQs are answered here.
As mentioned above, TRAI says that there are more than 160 lakh broadband users in India as of August 2015. The likes of MTNL, BSNL and Airtel lead on the basis of users, followed by the likes of ACT and YOU Broadband.
While India has recently fallen down global broadband penetration rankings, there are some positive signs going forward. ISPs are working towards fulfilling the growing demand among users for more speed and data caps. The government too is working towards connecting rural areas in the country as a part of PM Modi’s Bharatnet initiative.