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The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators

There is not much agreement about what makes an idea innovative, and what makes an innovative idea valuable. For example, discussions on whether the internet is a better invention than the wheel are more likely to reveal personal preferences than logical argumentation. Likewise, experts disagree on the type and level of innovation that is most beneficial for organizations. Somestudiessuggest that radical innovation (which does sound sexy) confers sustainable competitive advantages, butothersshow that “mild” innovation – think iPhone 5 rather than the original iPhone – is generally more effective, not least because it reduces market uncertainty. There is also inconclusive evidence on whether we should pay attention to consumers’ views, with somestudiesshowing that a customer focus is detrimental for innovation because it equates to playing catch-up, butothersarguing for it. Even Henry Ford’s famous quote on the subject – “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said fast…

Doing Business in India - the second fastest growing market in Asia

The Indian market with its one billion plus population, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for U.S. exporters with the right products, services, and commitment. India’s requirements for equipments and services for major sectors such as energy, environmental, healthcare, high-tech, infrastructure, transportation, and defense will exceed tens of billions of dollars in the mid-term as the Indian economy further globalizes and expands. As per the latest data available, India’s GDP growth for FY 2014-15 was 7.3%. With expected continuance of the government’s liberal policies, India has potential for a sustained high growth for the next couple of years and the U.S. companies must seize the opportunities to enter the rising Indian market.

U.S. – India Trade

U.S. Exports to India in CY 2014: $37.2 billion
Imports from India in CY 2014: $65.7 billion
Total bilateral trade in CY 2014 (Goods and Services): $103 billion

  • Total Trade: Total bilateral trade in CY 2014 was $103 billion, a 6.5 per cent increase over 2013.
  • U.S. Exports to India in CY 2014 increased to $37.2 billion, a 4.3 per cent increase from the previous year.
  • Imports from India in CY 2014 increased to $65.7 billion, a 7.7 per cent increase from the previous year.

Country Commercial Guide

The India Country Commercial Guide (CCG) provides a useful starting point for U.S. businesses pursuing export and investment opportunities in India. The CCG is prepared as a mission-wide document of the U.S. Embassy in India that is published annually. It reports India's economic trends and outlook; political environment; trade regulations, customs & standards; business travel; and economic and trade statistics. It also provides information on marketing U.S. products and services in India; leading Indian industry sectors for U.S. export and investment; trade and project financing for U.S. exporters; and U.S. and Indian business contacts.
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Market Research on India

The U.S. Commercial Service and other U.S. Government agencies at the U.S. Embassy in India produce up-to-date market information to help you compete and win in the Indian marketplace. Put the power of this information to work for you!
India Country Commercial Guide
The India Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents an overview of India’s commercial environment, using economic, political, and market analysis. It is prepared annually through the combined efforts of several U.S. Government agencies at the U.S. Embassy in India.
Leading Sectors for U.S. Exports and Investment
Every year the U.S. Commercial Service in India analyzes the best opportunities for exports from the United States to India in the short (within the year) and medium (one-to-two-year) term. Chapter 4 of the Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents these findings.
Market Reports
Commercial Service India produces reports on key sectors of the Indian market with good prospects for U.S. exports, which contain analysis and data that make it easier for U.S. exporters to grasp the main aspects of the market in an easy-to-read and compact form. Click here to access these reports (registration required to view full documents).
All our market research is available in the U.S. Government Export Portal, free to registered users. Just login and read it!
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