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5 Easy Exercises to Find Your Brand's Voice

It's what every consumer should hear whenever and wherever they encounter your product or service. Each day, consumers are bombarded with a cacophony of brands. Taglines and slogans shout from TV, radio and the Internet; they vie for attention on store shelves and billboards. It can be difficult for consumers to make sense of the noise, and it can be even more difficult for brands to be heard. Brands with strong, consistent voices are able to stand out from competitors and connect with   consumers . Your brand's voice is what every consumer should hear whenever and wherever they encounter your product or service. It is the voice that drives all content, from marketing materials to   social media   and customer service. Who are you talking to? One of the first steps to shaping your brand voice is to identify the voice of your audience. If you're like many companies and have more than one core target audience, select an individual within each segment. Create p

5 Steps for Making Your Brand Identity More Consistent

Use these steps to get your branding identity back on course to projecting a clear and concise message. With so much content flowing through an organization, from ad campaigns and branded marketing materials to digital media content and social media updates, it’s easy to see how a company could get a little lost while trying to maintain a consistent brand identity. Multiple people creating many branded elements can make it difficult to keep things aligned. For both big corporations and small business, it can be easy to veer off course, sometimes without even realizing it. The lack of consistency may not be noticeable at first, but failing to identify and stick to a consistent brand identity can eventually have a negative impact. The brand can become disjointed, unreliable and divided so much that it confuses customers, clients, employees, and even the executive team. So, if you feel like you’re starting lose the identify of your brand throughout your organization, use

5 Steps to Becoming a More Recognizable Brand

Grow your business with these simple tips. Do you have a favorite lunch spot? Maybe a cafe that once made a great impression on you? If so, that's the power of branding at work. Your brand image is often the difference between having a lifelong relationship with loyal customers and never being discovered at all. But, building an amazing brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to figure out how to reach your audience in the most effective way possible. By following these simple (but often ignored) steps, you’ll develop a better understanding of what your customers want and how to exceed their expectations. 1. Focus on storytelling, not product features Without a good brand story, your product holds no inherent or emotional value for your customers. As author and story coach  Lisa Cron  tells us, humans are hardwired to respond to stories. When a brand makes a deep impression on us, it impacts our buying behaviour. A  2013  Psychology Today  piece  showed that, w

These are the most powerful brands in the world

For the last five years, Apple held on to the title of the world’s most valuable brand. Then this year, the iPhone maker lost the top spot to Google, according to consultancy  Brand Finance’s Global 500 rankings . As Apple’s brand value tumbled 27% to $107.1 billion in 2016, Google’s increased to $109.5 billion. Amazon, with 53% brand value growth, was close behind at $106.4 billion. Image: Brand Finance Global 500 2017 Eight of the top 10 brands on Brand Finance’s 2017 list are American, reflecting the global dominance of US brands. So where does this leave the rest of the world? Visualizing brands as countries Using Brand Finance’s ranking, cost information website  has taken the most valuable brands in selected countries and turned them into a map. Each country is sized to reflect the global value of its biggest brand. After Google, the next most valuable national brand is South Korea’s Samsung, which is in sixth place on the Global 500 list at

6 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Small Business's Online Presence

Most websites focus solely on SEO, but increasing your online visibility involves more than that. When a consumer searches for your company, it’s a fairly safe assumption that you want your website to show up first organically. But how do you make sure it’s super easy for customers to find you, no matter what (or where) they’re searching online? To do that, you’ll need to double-check your online presence to make sure that you’re optimizing all the places you could show up online. From business listings to social profiles, here’s what you should focus on to boost online visibility for your small business. 1. Check all of your business listings Make sure that, not only are you listing your business in the first place, but you’re also providing each listing with consistent, up-to-date information. It’ll make your business much easier to find online. Plus, if it’s easy for consumers to find your number or address, then they’ll be more likely to call or visit. Keep in

THE BRAND -Mini Encyclopedia Hand Book released by KMC

THE BRAND - Mini Encyclopedia Hand book released at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh on 03rd April 2017.  This book provides Brand Strategy, Brand Innovation...etc., And this book especially for Corporate Management and Management Students. Please click on image and download it.  Download Options Book Details THE BRAND.gif                            90.1K THE BRAND.pdf                           50.0M THE BRAND_abbyy.gz                  1.4M THE BRAND_djvu.txt                    102.9K THE BRAND_djvu.xml                  933.8K THE                     84.8M THE BRAND_scandata.xml           22.4K THEBRAND_archive.torrent         7.9K THEBRAND_files.xml                    3.3K THEBRAND_meta.sqlite                15.0K THEBRAND_meta.xml                  2.4K

4 Simple Tips for Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Having a unique company voice has become more important in recent years. Companies big and small struggle to find the right tone of voice to use on social media, in content marketing campaigns, in advertisements, when being interviewed by the press, and even in personal interactions. Anything that negatively affects the overall brand voice is problematic. Whether it’s a leaked video of a CEO arguing with an employee or a spokesperson for a brand making bigoted comments online, everything public about your company can affect its reputation. How important is finding the right brand voice? Every company must determine the right tone to set for themselves. While beer companies can get away with humorous advertising and social media campaigns, security companies would be panned for using that tone since most people don’t find the idea of having their identity stolen funny. Some companies are good at taking advantage of trending topics and current events by using them in their soci

Business: A Good Brand Makes Good Business

W hatever you are selling - a product, an experience, a cause - there needs to be something that capture and marks everything you do, so people can talk about " it " recognize "it " and buy " it ". That "it " is your brand You cannot sell or promote without a brand. It is that important. What is a brand? A brand is a name that, in the mind of a consumer,is attached to a product category. In the mind of the consumer, Apple is attached to the Smart Phones category. In the mind of the consumer, Coca-Cola is attached to the cola drink category. In the mind of the consumer, WhatsApp is attached to the free texting category. In the mind of the consumer, Google is attached to the search category. ACC E SS HERE

5 Branding Strategies for Smaller Online Retailers

Just about 10 years ago, at a time when in-store purchases still dominated retail sales, some sceptics believed that e-commerce was just hype and the bubble would burst anytime. 10 years later, the bubble only seems to be getting bigger. Worldwide e-commerce sales was   estimated at USD 1672 million in 2015,  and is expected to cross USD 1672 million in 2019. Alibaba, an online marketplace, claims to have over 300 million customers. Amazon’s annual revenue is over $67 billion, Apple made over $ 10 billion in revenues in online sales. Even brick and mortar stores like Walmart, and Staples clock annual revenues of over $10 billion just in online sales, according to a report on  Insider Monkey. E-commerce now seems to be dominated by some large players who control a major share of the online market. Now, how can smaller online retailers compete with the big guys? Here’s a list of branding strategies for smaller e-commerce businesses: #1 Money back guarantee In th