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4 Ways Games Can Help Your Company Innovate

Innovation produces employees who think fresh thoughts. The more innovative your team is, the quicker it can solve problems, as it's constantly anticipating potential roadblocks. Equally as important, an innovative mindset engages your employees in a way that makes them feel connected to their work. They not only feel more satisfied within their roles, but they also become more service-oriented toward customers.   However, in the hustle and bustle of a startup, innovation isn’t easy. Companies find themselves either stuck in a creative rut where they’re unable to push past initial visions or plagued by “shiny object syndrome.” Thankfully, practice makes perfect -- just take a look at Google. The company enacted a “20 percent rule” that encouraged employees to spend 20 percent of their time on personal projects. Some of Google’s best products -- Gmail, AdSense and Google Talk -- came from this initiative. Related: How Gamification Is Engaging Customers and Employees Alike A policy like …

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