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5 Ways to Validate a Business Idea, Right Now

Don't let your day job or lack of capital stop you from finding and testing a business idea. Here's how.
Last year, I embarked upon a personal challenge to validate a business idea in 30 days. To make it even more difficult, it was a random idea chosen by my readers. They asked me to do it without using my existing website, traffic and business connections and without spending more than 20 hours per week on the project. On top of that, I limited myself to spending no more than $500 validating this idea. The experiment was a success.In just two weeks, I built an email list of 565 subscribers without having an actual website. Then, I reached out to a handful of those subscribers and pre-sold 12 copies of a book that didn't even exist yet, all in less than 30 days. I wrote about the experiment in real-time with in-depth weekly updates, successes, failures and lessons learned along the way, right here in my validation challenge. Today, I want to share with you the five most effect…

Business: A Good Brand Makes Good Business

Whatever you are selling - a product, an experience, a cause - there needs to be something that capture and marks everything you do, so people can talk about " it " recognize "it " and buy " it ".

That "it " is your brand

You cannot sell or promote without a brand.

It is that important.

What is a brand?
A brand is a name that, in the mind of a consumer,is attached to a product category.

In the mind of the consumer, Apple is attached to the Smart Phones category.

In the mind of the consumer, Coca-Cola is attached to the cola drink category.

In the mind of the consumer, WhatsApp is attached to the free texting category.

In the mind of the consumer, Google is attached to the search category.


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