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Hard Work Won't Make You Successful -- But Doing This Will

I don’t blame anyone who has become frustrated and disillusioned with the working world. It is a huge disappointment to grow up and realize that most of what we’ve been taught about how to be successful is bad advice. We were taught “Just work hard at whatever job you get, and things will work out.” That’s false. Working hard at your job does not get you much. When you work hard at a job where the boss doesn’t value your efforts, all your hard work gets you is taken for granted. Just working hard by itself will exhaust you and shorten your lifespan without any benefits to you. There has to be more to success than merely working hard, or millions of people around the world would be a lot more successful than they are! If you are at work right now, think about the investment of time and energy you are making. Imagine that you only went home to sleep for four hours a night, and gave up all the rest of your personal time to get more work done. Imagine that you practically lived at your de…

EduGrid Project unifying all state universities: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu

  • Each educational institution needs to be well-managed
  • Convert Anganwadi centers into free schools

 Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu held a review on primary and secondary education and skill development during the Collectors’ Conference.

Taking forward Andhra Pradesh government's digital literacy programme, the higher education department said it would implement the EduGrid project of IT&C department unifying all state universities.The step would enable students to access data on their attendance, grading profile and assignments, among others, through the university website.The Chief Minister also directed the officials to get all 143 colleges in the state, private and government, NAAC accreditation.

During the review, Education Department officials presented a grading system that was taken based on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Advanced Visualization.According to the grading, 12 government schools were given A grade.

 The Chief Minister directed the officials to ensure each school in the state is well-managed with compound walls, sanitation, toilets and nurseries. “Telugu language must be made mandatory in all private schools, English should be the medium of instruction in all the government schools,” he added. He also suggested converting Anganwadi centers into free schools. He directed the officials to buy play items for students studying in the free schools.

AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) CEO Ganta Subbarao informed the Chief Minister 10,93,490 Janmabhoomi petitions were received for skill upgradation. He said, out of the 90,000 target for 2015- 16, skill development training was provided for 82,535 people. The target for 2016-17 is 2,50,000. The Chief Minister pointed out that despite having the advantage of the demographic dividend, India would have a skill gap of 75-80% across Industry sectors due to lack of skilled workforce.

To bridge the gap and provide to local as well global opportunities to the students of our state, he said, the government launched Skill Development Mission. AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) was also started that works exclusively on building capacities. Given that Andhra Pradesh ranks high in skills and higher education, my ultimate aim is to make Andhra Pradesh an education hub and a knowledge state. During a review on endowments, the Chief Minister asked the officials tomake all pilgrim sites ODF towns, while encouraging tree plantation and sanitation.

He directed to construct dormitories and public amenity complexes. Since four districts in Rayalaseema receive Krishna waters, make them active partners in upcoming Krishna Pushkarams, he added.