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Hard Work Won't Make You Successful -- But Doing This Will

I don’t blame anyone who has become frustrated and disillusioned with the working world. It is a huge disappointment to grow up and realize that most of what we’ve been taught about how to be successful is bad advice. We were taught “Just work hard at whatever job you get, and things will work out.” That’s false. Working hard at your job does not get you much. When you work hard at a job where the boss doesn’t value your efforts, all your hard work gets you is taken for granted. Just working hard by itself will exhaust you and shorten your lifespan without any benefits to you. There has to be more to success than merely working hard, or millions of people around the world would be a lot more successful than they are! If you are at work right now, think about the investment of time and energy you are making. Imagine that you only went home to sleep for four hours a night, and gave up all the rest of your personal time to get more work done. Imagine that you practically lived at your de…

Amazon tops the advertising charts

Amazon India has emerged as the top spender in the third quarter of 2015

Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Naaptol and a clutch of other e-commerce companies have been heavy advertisers across media, in regional as well as English language media, in the first nine months of 2015. A recent report by S-Group, TAM Media Research shows that IS-B2C (Internet Services and business to consumer) category has increased its ad spends by over 50 per cent in 2015 (three quarters), across all media. And Amazon India has emerged as the top spender in the third quarter of 2015.
Data Tracker: Amazon tops the advertising charts

  • Between January 2015 and September 2015, ad volumes for online shopping companies have increased 62% for print, 78% for TV and 126% for radio over the same period in 2014
  • The number of online shopping advertisers has increased with the maximum numbers visible in print and radio; a rise of more than 32% is expected in the coming quarter (Q4 2015 over Q3 2015)
Data Tracker: Amazon tops the advertising charts

  • In Q3 2015 as compared to Q2 2014, Amazon India grew 275% in ad volumes on TV
  • Amazon has increased its focus on regional advertising; it is placing 40% of its share of ads for regional channels (Telugu, Tamil followed by Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya)
  • Most big players in the online shopping category are also focusing on regional channels on TV
  • Amazon and Flipkart have also increased their ad volumes in print, however, Snapdeal has cut its print advertising