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The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators

There is not much agreement about what makes an idea innovative, and what makes an innovative idea valuable. For example, discussions on whether the internet is a better invention than the wheel are more likely to reveal personal preferences than logical argumentation. Likewise, experts disagree on the type and level of innovation that is most beneficial for organizations. Somestudiessuggest that radical innovation (which does sound sexy) confers sustainable competitive advantages, butothersshow that “mild” innovation – think iPhone 5 rather than the original iPhone – is generally more effective, not least because it reduces market uncertainty. There is also inconclusive evidence on whether we should pay attention to consumers’ views, with somestudiesshowing that a customer focus is detrimental for innovation because it equates to playing catch-up, butothersarguing for it. Even Henry Ford’s famous quote on the subject – “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said fast…

Google Launches Universal App Campaigns To Make Advertising Easier For Developers

Universal App Campaign is Google’s latest take on app-advertising for developers. The feature was announced back in May at the company’s I/O Developer Conference and today, the web giant has made the tool publicly available.
It can be accessed by anyone using the Google Play Developer Console starting today. Another development from the company is that Google has also released a new performance report for developers that will allow them to judge the popularity and other public stats of their Play Store listings and promotions.
Google’s main motto regarding the Universal App Campaign, according to product manager for Google Play Ellie Powers, was that the company wanted to allow developers to say “here is my money and this is what I want to pay per user,” and then Google would take it from there and bring the developers’ visions into reality.
The new approach makes advertising as easy as possible and this is what differentiates it from other ad-based products. The only drawback is that you will have to give up a fair amount of control in return.
The campaigns will appear on Google Play and Google Search, as well as on YouTube and the wider Google Display network, following your approval. The tool will combine information from different platforms including videos, descriptions, pictures etc and mix them automatically to generate ads for Google’s different ad formats.
The system will then optimize the ad campaign to achieve as many installs as it can for the cost-per-install limit the devs have set.
Google has also launched a new performance report that will give developers insights on the popularity of their products. It will provide information like the number of installs, in-app purchases triggered, and much more so that devs know where they are excelling and where there is still room for improvement.